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New Year, New You

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If you’re adopting a new lifestyle focused around triathlon, you should consider re-inventing your diet as well.  As you adopt a new, active lifestyle it is imperative that you adopt a new eating philosophy if yours is currently in line with the average American.

Start from the ground up by examining your daily eating patterns and identify a specific meal, snack, or food (i.e. “I want to consume more veggies every day”) where you want to improve just as you may identify one leg of a triathlon where you hope to shave seconds or minutes.

Too often we approach changes in our eating patterns as all or nothing, but there must be some consideration to the reality that we must eat to live.  With that in mind, gradual but intentional changes can make a world of difference in our diets, just as in our workouts.  These gradual changes can be adopted as sustainable lifestyle changes.  Triathletes must consume a mixture of foods that are rich in proteins, complex and simple carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  Active individuals often feel better when they plan their food to correspond with their workouts.  Physical demands on your body require extra fuel in the form of food.

Healthy Food Selection Tips

  • Eat Breakfast!
  • Focus on color- Add as much natural color to your diet as possible, easily found in fruits and vegetables
  • Eat Whole Foods- eat foods that have been minimally processed and have only 1 ingredient
  • Listen to what your body is communicating- stop when you are full and eat when you are hungry
  • Drink Water…clear and clean.
  • Balance your intake of food throughout the day (and before and after workouts)
  • Find adventure in food- try new things- new foods and foods prepared new ways
  • Love food- discover the flavors you love and incorporate them in different dishes.  Always love and respect what you eat!  Food provides nourishment, energy, enjoyment, and community!

Open Face Breakfast Sandwich (pictured above)

One fresh egg- scrambled

Place over whole wheat toast (with melted cheese- optional)

Top with bruschetta (recipe follows)

Eat with a small piece of fruit for a satisfying and very filling breakfast!


Combine in food processor and pulse lightly (or chop if you don’t have food processor):

1 cup any variety mini tomatoes

1 T olive oil

1 T balsamic vinegar

1 handful basil leaves

small pinch of salt and pepper