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Rosalind Brunner, 36: Science Teacher – Dacula, GA


“The emotions are overwhelming and the results are unbelievable as your sense of pride is uplifting and rewarding!”

The feeling you experience at the beginning of the race when the women gather together is powerful, as your eyes begin to fill up as you look around and are in awe of their strength and willingness to try something new and challenging. The determined women set a goal, trained and prepared themselves mentally. Everything about the race is absolutely positive (the volunteers, spectators and athletes) and as you cross the finish line, you can feel your heart pumping with excitement and happiness – you did it! You may be sore afterward but it is worth every muscle ache.

“My daughters saw the determination in my eyes after I took out my hearing aids and reached out to the volunteers at the beginning of the race. They saw the trust I had put into the hands of strangers, as I needed reassurance as to when I was to enter the pool. The ladies reassured me and stated, ‘We will take care of you.”