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I Am In Transition….What Do I Do Now?

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Transition seems to be a really stressful part of triathlon when you are just beginning. But there are some easy steps you can take to make this part of your race a little more simple.

1. Practice your transition mentally: Think about coming from the swim, putting on your socks, shoes, helmet. Leaving transition and coming back from the bike. Changing to your run shoes and running out of transition. Think about each step mentally over and over.

2. Practice setting up transition in your garage or driveway: Set up your bike with a towel next to it just like you would on race day. Lay out each item that you will need in the order you need it and practice going through each step.

3. Practice relaxing through the transition: If you can do steps 1 & 2, you can relax more during the race and it will help your time in and out of the transition area progress smoothly.