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“You can do it, Mom!”


“The encouragement and inspiration that you feel from other women is motivating and empowering. It is awesome to experience the challenge and feeling of success when you finish.”

Stephanie wanted to improve her health and habits during her senior year of high school before going away to college. We signed up for the training session at the Gateway YWCA for our first Ramblin’ Rose in August 2012. The welcoming and empowering atmosphere of the all-female training with fabulous coach Kristy McEwan, and all-female race, inspired us and motivated us.

We began enjoying the time we were able to spend together and the sense of accomplishment and teamwork we felt by setting and achieving this goal together. We continued to run and race throughout her senior year, where Stephanie was able to improve her health and lose 30 pounds. We then did the 2013 Ramblin’ Rose the weekend before she went away to college in Massachusetts. It is now something that we look forward to achieve together every year.

Achieving this goal together has brought us so much closer. I was also able to conquer my fear of bike riding. My most memorable moment is going up the Salem hill and hearing my daughter, who was already coming down, shouting, “You can do it, Mom!” Which is the same thing I have told her since she was born. It felt like coming full circle.

“This race definitely empowered both of us to improve our health and fitness. We now train together for different races that increase our goals and constantly challenge us. We completed the Bull City Race Fest & Food Truck Rodeo half-marathon in October when she came home for fall break.”

Courtesy Endurance Magazine