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Baby it’s Cold Outside!


What do you do when the weather just beckons you to stay under the warm blankets? Stay inside and work on some body strengthening exercises. As important as it is to swim, bike, and run to train for your upcoming triathlon, overall body strength is just as important to help reduce fatigue and chance for injury. A good way to do that is through body weight interval exercise. It is set up as a circuit and you can adjust the interval to your fitness level. As your level increases, you can increase the work time to get even stronger. Here are 5 exercises that you can do in just a small amount of time that will work your entire body. Do each exercise 10x straight through with no rest. Repeat and do each exercise again 4 more times. As your fitness level increases you can increase the amount of times you go through the circuit, or add repetitions (instead of 10, do 15, or 20).

Push Ups: Do 10

Body Weight Squats: Do 10

Crunches: Traditional or Bicycles, you pick your favorite: Do 10

Walking Lunges: Do 10 for each side

Supine Plank Hold: Hold for 30 seconds

Go back to the start and repeat!