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“It’s so moving that I have tears in my eyes many times.”

Sabine Farer-Buers, 45 | Pittsboro, NC | Geriatric Nurse, Duke certified Integrative Health Coach, & Front Store Manager at Southern Village Pharmacy

2017_01_jan_rr_profile_ch_259_farer-buers_aWhen I moved from Spain to the United States almost 10 years ago, I just had lost my father to cancer and had made the promise to myself that I will do anything I can to stay healthy. I signed up for my first Ramblin’ Rose then and also for the Tar Heel 10 Miler. I do both races every year, ever since (except the year my third child was born) in honor of my dad. 

Despite from crossing the finish line accompanied by my three children, the best moment always is to hang out at the finish line and see every single woman celebrating her own personal success. It’s so moving that I have tears in my eyes many times. I also love to see all the dads show up with kids in pajamas and messy hair to cheer on their wives and moms with self-made banners and excitement.

It makes me very proud to see my own improvement throughout the years. I came from just a little bit of running and biking to winning the masters category for the second time. It didn’t change my life— it changed my perspective on life. Dedication always pays off.

My passion is running, it is my therapy to keep my busy life as a full time working, single mom of three awesome kids balanced. I also love to bike— road biking and Cyclocross. I recently rediscovered mountain biking because i realized that I would do a lot better at Cyclocross if I would have good MTB skills. And I do Insanity rounds in the winter when Cyclocross is over.

I will do the Ramblin’ Rose and the Tar Heel 10 Miler again in 2017 and if have a moment during training, when I think I can’t go any more, I will keep thinking of my dad and ho much he would have loved to be able to do just one more step on this earth.

<Photo by Tamara Lackey Photography>