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“I was assigned to photograph the 2014 Winston-Salem Ramblin’ Rose race and loved the energy and the sense of empowerment that everyone had.”

Yesenia Bocanegra, 31 | Durham, NC | Photographer 

2017_01_jan_rr_profile_ral_422_bocanegra_tamaralackey113rrSeeing women of all ages was the one thing that really made me decide to want to complete one of the races. It’s a fun day out. It’s not about the competition. It’s about trying something new and different. It’s very well organized and if three sports seems too much, there’s also a relay available.

I have two very memorable moments from my race. One was the moment I began swimming. This brought back memories of my childhood as a competitive swimmer. The second was during the biking portion (which is not my strongest). Both participants and spectators would cheer “You’ve got this!” And that was really nice to hear. Training for Ramblin’ Rose certainly gave me a positive impact on my life. It showed me how to have a work-life-fitness balance, be able to reach my fitness goals and have fun doing it. 

My goal for 2017 is to complete another Ramblin’ Rose and a half marathon.

<Photo by Tamara Lackey Photography>