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Training Tips

Vanilla Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

By Brandon McDearis If you are like me, then it is quite rare that you ever start the day without a bowl of oatmeal. While people have been eating it for centuries, interest in oatmeal has increased in recent years ...

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Running and Your Mental Health: A Perfect Combination

How and why running can help you cope with what life throws at you By Vickie Leff The mental and physical requirements of running align perfectly with tasks that improve your mental health. Setting and attaining goals, experiencing success and ...

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Why Do You Do It?

In three words, tell us: WHY DO YOU DO IT? That’s how we sought to find the reasons why women who read Endurance Magazine run, bike, swim, or go to the gym. Coming from women as old as 14 and as young as ...

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I Am In Transition….What Do I Do Now?

Transition seems to be a really stressful part of triathlon when you are just beginning. But there are some easy steps you can take to make this part of your race a little more simple. 1. Practice your transition mentally: ...

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Triathlon 101

By Thys Wind Depending on your athletic background, taking up the sport of triathlon is essentially like taking up three new sports at the same time.  This can be overwhelming, particularly with respect to learning the sports’ best practices, getting ...

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Get To The Finish…Stronger!

Running Fast! Let’s talk about some sprint work. To become a faster runner, you have to sometimes…run fast. Here’s a great workout to get the heart rate pumping, your turnover rate higher (that’s how fast your feet are taking turns ...

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