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Winston-Salem Beneficiaries

Ramblin’ Rose events are not only about “empowering” the participants, but they also provide great benefit to a very important non-profit organization.

The Ramblin’ Rose Winston-Salem benefits the Gateway YWCA.

More About the Gateway YWCA:

logoThe YWCA at the Gateway is where you and your family can discover a wonderful world of wellness together. They are address the needs, interests and concerns of individuals and families with the purpose of changing lives for the better. The Gateway YWCA IS a community center — consider it your other home, where your fitness and wellness life can come together with your social life for awhile; a place where you can be yourself, without intimidation. You’ll make new friends and find old ones here at the Gateway!

The Gateway features a pool the size of Bermuda, 3 regulation basketball courts, plus a running track, and Internet Café for cooling down or chilling out, and more. All thoughtfully enclosed in 90,000 square feet of climate-controlled freedom to run, jump, swim, surf, learn, lift and socialize.

The staff at the Gateway YWCA welcomes other regional YWCAs to participate in the 2016 Ramblin’ Rose WS.  So far YWCAs from Charlotte, High Point, and Asheville have signed up for the “YWCA Challenge,” so come on and join the fun!

Beautiful Together Supports Children Without Families.

Beautiful Together supports children without families. This non-profit organization shines a light on children who wait to be part of a family while living in foster care, group homes, or orphanages through a combination of professional photography, video profiles, and social outreach, to better connect them with waiting families.

Beautiful Together also works to improve the quality of life for these children – and all those involved in foster care, domestic and international adoption today – through specific, tangible, and measurable projects, with the long-term goal of effecting positive change both in the perception of, and the systemic issues in, domestic and international adoption.

You can engage with Beautiful Together TODAY and help support children without families at www.BeautifulTogther.org